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Clam Fresh Prank Mailer

Clam Fresh Prank Mailer

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Looking to stir up some laughter and create unforgettably awkward moments? Look no further! 

Our side-splittingly funny "Clam Fresh" prank mail is the ultimate tool to bring maximum embarrassment to your friends, family, or even that special someone! Unleash your mischievous side and watch the hilarity ensue as they receive our outrageously funny prank mail.

Our "Clam Fresh" prank mail is an A5 size metallic bubble mailer, sent FREE Australia wide via Registered Post - so you're guaranteed an embarrasing interaction between your intended recipient and the mail man! Better still, send it to their workplace and have the whole office in stitches!

Please use the name and address of your intended recipient as the shipping address at checkout. Registered Post tracking will be sent once dispatched.


Please use our prank mail responsibly and send with the spirit in which it is intended - to make people laugh! We do not condone any form of malicious intent, harm towards others, or using our service to harass, intimidate, or stalk anyone.

The mailer doesn't contain any items mentioned on the label. All mailers have a card inside that simply tells the recipient "You've Been Pranked!".

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